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About Hey Gorgeous

In today’s quick-paced lifestyle, Hey Gorgeous helps you get a moment of respite while rejuvenating your skin. The brand offers a specific line of products for each of your needs, whether it is skincare or body care. Each of the products is a reflection of the label’s love for the beauty secrets of African heritage. These products are well-suited for all skin types, and all of these top-notch Hey Gorgeous items are available online at Bash. Explore a few and take your pick based on what works best for your skin type and concerns.

Ranges of Hey Gorgeous Products at Bash

You can check out these products at Hey Gorgeous online shopping at Bash. Check out all these naturally formulated products and say goodbye to your skin problems.

  1. Face Care Hey Gorgeous serums, face scrubs, moisturisers, and toners: Ingenious innovations in face care. Face masks: For when your skin needs that extra love and care. Sunscreens: Keep your precious face protected.

    Best-seller: Activated charcoal Detoxifying & Soothing Facial Scrub.

  2. Body Care Mousses, body scrubs, and souffle: New-age skin-friendly products. Specialised body products: Skin Firming Miracle Oil and So Long Cellulite Forming Gel.

  3. Shower Care

    • Bath salts, bath soaps, and bath bombs: A collection of items for a relaxing experience.
    • Top products: Rose Petal Bath Milk and Trio Bath Salts.
  4. Hair Care Shampoos and conditioners: Delicately formulated for all hair types. Hair oil mask: Ingredients like cocoa butter, argan oil, and shea butter for a natural shine.

Skincare Routine Extras by Hey Gorgeous

Take care of your skin the right way with this easy two-step routine.

  1. Cleanse Cleanse your skin twice a day – once when you wake up and once before hitting the bed. Try: Pineapple Enzyme Cleanser to nourish the skin while cleansing away impurities and make-up residue.

  2. Moisturise Your skin produces less hyaluronic acid as you age, so finding a moisturizer that increases moisture and locks it in becomes essential. Try: Moisturising products that contain jojoba oil or the Vitamin C moisturiser by Hey Gorgeous.

Hey Gorgeous, Shop at Bash Today

When it comes to beauty products, Bash is a hub that offers you the best of the world’s leading brands. Hey Gorgeous is a brand that you can explore as we offer the entire range on our platform. Take care of your skin the right way with Hey Gorgeous products online. Shop for these and more at Bash today!

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