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Eucerin: Where It All Began

Eucerin has its century-long roots in chemicals. In the year 1882, Paul C. Beiersdorf opened up his dream pharmacy store. Soon after, he sold his company to a fellow pharmacist, Oscar Troplowitz, to eventually launch the label Eucerin. And since the very start, Eucerin has been a leading example of combining research and product development through dermatological research. And now you can get the best pharmacological care for yourself from Bash.

Eucerin: Skincare Ranges Guide

Eucerin has several products, many of them specifically crafted for different skin types and concerns. Check out a few of their products to add to your skincare kit, all in one place here at Bash.

  1. Anti-Ageing Serum Bid farewell to wrinkles and fine lines and nourish your skin with Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling and Serum by Eucerin. It is a dual-action product that exfoliates and refines the structure of your skin, promoting skin cell renewal. You can put it on at night and let it work its charm by morning.

  2. Body Lotion Eucerin body lotion not only gives you long-lasting moisturization for your skin but also leaves it more supple and less sensitive. Try the AtopiControl series has targeted products for normal and very dry skin. It has ingredients like licochalcone A and ceramides that can additionally soothe sensitive or itchy skin.

  3. Special Products The Eucerin Anti-Pigment Spot Corrector is a Eucerin cream packaged in a topical applicator. This is a precise solution for treating hyperpigmentation. It reduces dark spots and also prevents them from reappearing. Investing in this product is a double win!

Eucerin: Sun Protection Guide

While shopping for Eucerin sun protection products online, remember to take a look at the products listed below.

  1. Eucerin Sun Creme Sensitive Protect SPF 50+ This product is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. It is unperfumed, so very suitable for those with allergies too. It is also water-resistant and absorbs quickly. Heading out during the monsoon for a trek or swim? This sunscreen can be your best friend!

  2. Eucerin Sun Creme Tinted Photoaging Control SPF 50+ Medium This Eucerin sunscreen offers very high protection for your face and all skin types. It is a unique tinted sunscreen, so it can offer sun protection on hot summer days. It also gives a good tinted base for your everyday makeup.

  3. Eucerin Sun Gel-Cream Dry Touch Sensitive Protect SPF 50+ Most Eucerin sun protection products come packed with advanced spectral technology. It offers protection against multiple kinds of UV rays and has additional safe ingredients, like a strong sun shield. This product is specifically formulated for oily and acne-prone skin.

Bash Brings You Skincare that Cares: Eucerin

Eucerin skincare addresses any skin concerns you may be dealing with. The range is trusted by dermatologists, pharmacists, skincare specialists, and even researchers in the field. Bash is the perfect place to shop for these high-end labels as we have 100% authentic products with a safe payment gateway and home delivery service. Go on and pamper yourself with Eucerin products from Bash today and start shopping now.

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