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Brand History

Sissy Boy is an iconic brand in the South African market, popular for being the first denim brand to craft some of the finest quality snow-washed jeans. Founded in 1986 by Ronald Sassoon, a prominent denim pioneer, Sissy Boy clothing has seen an interesting evolution right from jeans to various other women’s clothing.

Sissy Boy Denim Care Guide

It is essential to take good care of your denim jeans. Here are some handy tips when it comes to caring for your quality Sissy Boy clothes.

  • Sissy Boy jeans must always be washed in cold water to ensure longevity.
  • Turn your Sissy Boy clothing inside out before washing them, and use a minimal amount of detergent. Having it inside out during ironing also works well.
  • Avoid using bleach and drying under direct sunlight as a rule when it comes to caring for Sissy boy clothes, as they could have an adverse effect on your fabric.

Shop Sissy Boy Clothing from Bash

Bash stocks a whole lot of Sissy Boy tops that are inspired by the latest international trends. Curated by a talented team of in-house designers, Sissy Boy tops are bold and innovative. Stock up on Sissy Boy shirts if you are on the lookout for smart casual wear. Alternatively, get Sissy Boy hoodies if you’re after fashionable chic looks. Sign up on Bash and shop right away.

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