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With cutting-edge innovation surfacing every day, technology and electronics have been making lives simpler, and smart homes are the latest game-changing innovation when it comes to convenience. Bash carries an impressive range of smart home systems that not only elevate your home automation but also secure it in cases of emergency, such as theft or fire.

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What are the benefits of a smart home?

If you’re considering buying a smart home system, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Smart homes help you save your precious time and energy by automating routine activities such as turning on and off lights, adjusting the temperature of air conditioners, opening and closing windows, watering plants, and turning on or off Wi-Fi smart switches.
  • It can detect areas where you are spending electricity in excess and helps you cut down usage to save power and money.
  • The system gives you updates about everything happening in your house when you aren’t at home with motion detection and CCTV camera connectivity.
  • Smart homes are energy-efficient as they can detect motion and turn lights and other electrical appliances on or off as needed.

What are the pros and cons of smart homes?

Below are some of the pros and cons of smart homes listed by Bash’s experts to help you make an informed decision.


  • Convenience: Control smart audio devices and other electronics in your home from the comfort of your bed, sofa, or wherever you are in the house.
  • Save Time: Clean your home even before you get home from work with the help of smart cleaning robot vacuums.
  • More Security: Smart locks ensure the best security of your home when you are on a vacation. Some smart home systems even notify you about any suspicious activities.
  • Save Money: Since smart homes save energy, they slice the cost of your electricity bills and help you save more.


  • High Installation Cost: High-quality smart home devices can be expensive, but they are worth investing in for the convenience and security they offer in return.
  • Reliance on an Internet Connection: For areas with poor internet connectivity, smart homes are not the ideal choice.
  • Unsuitable for Older Houses: Smart homes require a certain type of wiring. Unfortunately, old buildings do not have the modern wiring that they require.

Upgrade to a Smart Home with Bash

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