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Our impressive collection of the best men’s cardigan sweaters and jerseys is all you need to keep yourself warm and cosy without compromising on style. Soft, comfy, and multi-functional jerseys have become a must-have for every man, and Bash is home to a tasteful range of top-quality men’s cardigans and jerseys covering all your style needs. Explore our line-up and pick your favourites today.

Fabric Care Guide: How Do You Care for Jerseys?

Male cardigans and jerseys are comfortable to wear during colder months. However, if you want to preserve your jersey for longer, you should know how to take care of it in order to maintain the fabric’s softness.

  • Washing: The wash care instructions are generally written on the labels of cardigans and sweaters which you can follow for best results. Generally, you should always wash men’s cardigans in cool temperature water and refrain from mixing different colours of laundry in the same load. Ensure you wash lighter colours separately to avoid staining them.

  • Drying: When drying your jersey, try not to use the tumbler dryer as it may cause creases in jerseys for men. Instead, you can use a hanger to air-dry the jersey to avoid any creasing.

  • Ironing: Generally, cardigans and jerseys do not need to be ironed. But if it is needed, you could iron it on medium heat.

How to Style Men Cardigans?

Men’s cardigans look uber-classy and stylish with most kinds of pants. We assure you that once you try out cardigans and sweaters from Bash, you’ll want to live in them! If you are looking for fresh fashion inspiration to wear your favourite men’s cardigans, let the experts at Bash help you with some simple yet modish tips.

  • Style your men’s cardigan with a tank top for a casual look. Pair this with your go-to jeans and slip-on shoes for a hassle-free and quick ensemble.

  • Stay toasty by layering your cardigan with a thermal T-shirt. Wrap a muffler and put on a matching beanie cap with your cardigan, and, there you have it–the best of winter fashion in one outfit!

  • For a holiday look, complement your basic shirt and shorts with a light-toned cardigan that looks breezy yet charming.

  • Ace your business casual look with a classy men’s cardigan that matches your button-down shirt and trousers. Add on a classy watch and formal shoes to look your dapper best.

  • Make a lasting impression on the first date in a patterned men’s cardigan. Play it cool by styling the cardigan with a basic polo T-shirt, chinos, and loafer shoes for an easy-going look.

  • Opt for a cycling jersey for men to go with your track pants for your fitness routine or head to the gym or a cycling session feeling super comfortable and looking stylish.

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It’s time to add the latest men’s cardigans and jerseys from top-notch brands to your wardrobe. Bash carries an expansive range of the best men’s jerseys and cardigans that have you covered on all occasions. Our men’s cardigans for sale feature the trendiest pieces to make your look equal parts charming and dapper. To add the cosiest winter jerseys for men from our handpicked range, shop with us now to get free shipping and easy returns.