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Best Perfume for Women

Yardley offers perfumes crafted with the utmost care, keeping quality the top priority. Take a look at what our selection of Yardley perfumes for women has in store for you:

  • Yardley Bond Street Range for Her: These perfumes are available in four fragrance options you can choose for a fresh and fragrant feel.

  • Yardley Gorgeous Range: This lavish range includes eight fragrance options, namely midnight, bloom, love, and paradise, amongst others. You will also hear that they call this perfume Yardley’s pride.

  • Yardley Conquest Range for Her: This range of Yardley body spray is available in four different options and offers you a powerful and hard-to-forget fragrance. Choose your body spray from this range for a strong impact.

Best Perfume for Men

Yardley perfumes for men are curated with the finest essence and fragrance combinations to help you enhance that masculine charm the ladies are attracted to. Check out our assortment here:

  • Yardley Bond Street Range for Him: This range offers four fragrance options in both strong and subtle categories. These long-lasting perfumes can be sported at all events with ease.

  • English Blazer by Yardley: This range by Yardley offers nine exquisite fragrances like Azure, Sterling, and Royal, to name a few. These can easily be worn to work and parties for the best impression.

  • The Gentlemen Range: This range by Yardley offers a subtle yet impactful fragrance that helps highlight the posh gentleman in you. These perfumes are available in five alluring fragrance options you can choose from per your preference.

Shop for Yardley Products Online at Bash

Bash offers a fabulous range of Yardley toiletries for both men and women at a remarkably budget-friendly price range. Our curated collections also feature Yardley’s makeup and skincare range, a must-have for flawless-looking skin. We promise 100% authentic brands for clothing and accessories available both online and in 900+ stores all across South Africa. Shop for your favourite Yardley products with us today and enjoy the benefits of free delivery and easy returns.

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