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The History of NBA

Founded in 1946 as the BasketBall Association (BAA) in New York City, later renamed the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1949. Initially, the league's matches and players were average, but over time, it has gained popularity and improved in quality, becoming a dream league for aspiring basketball players.

The Journey of the NBA Logo

The NBA logo, designed in 1969 by Alan Siegel, features red, blue, and white colors representing American patriotism. It depicts the celebrated NBA player Jerry West dribbling left to score a basket. In 2021, the NBA celebrated its 75th anniversary with a diamond-shaped logo, commemorating the league's glorious journey.

NBA Jerseys and Their Types

NBA jerseys are worn by players during games and by fans to support their teams. They consist of a long vest paired with baggy shorts, reflecting the team's color scheme. Explore the various types:

On-Court Jersey

Worn by players during games, provided by sponsors. These vests look sporty and sleek, often paired with matching NBA jackets.

Replica Jersey

Preferred by fans, these replicas mirror on-court jerseys and are available in all team color schemes in both vest and T-shirt styles.

Swingman Jersey

An upgraded version of the replica jersey, offering more accurate details and comfortable material, often paired with sneakers and NBA socks.

Throwback Jerseys

Vintage jerseys worn by iconic past players, available in replica, swingman, and on-court versions.

WNBA Jerseys

Specifically designed for women, these jerseys feature team color schemes tailored to fit perfectly.

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