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Founded in 1993

The brand is known for its exotic range of perfumes that cater to the different choices of different women. Want to get your hands on the latest offerings from Kate Spade? Then Bash is the place to be. Read on to learn about the different options available on our website.

Which are the Best Kate Spade Perfumes Available?

Whether you like fruity scents or musky ones, Bash’s assortment of Kate Spade products has the perfect perfume for everyone. Given below are some of our most popular choices:

  • Kate Spade New York: This is one of the most popular products of the brand. If you are looking for a scent that is fresh and fun, this option is perfect for you. Featuring top notes of strawberry, bergamot, and citrus, this perfume is subtle enough to wear to office or business meetings. Although it leads a little toward a sugary sweetness, it balances out perfectly with somber notes.

  • Kate Spade in Full Bloom: Released in 2018, this perfume has a somewhat green and aquatic aroma underneath floral notes of lotus and rose. This fragrance is rounded off by hints of white wood, cedar, and peach. While this perfume is perfect for multiple occasions, most women prefer wearing it to special functions, such as a wedding or special parties.

  • Kate Spade Walk On Air: Launched in 2015, this perfume strikes the perfect balance between sweet florals and fresh nature scents. The best thing about this fragrance is that you do not have to wait until summertime to wear your favourite flowery perfume. With the top notes of lime, fern, and bergamot, Walk on Air by Kate Spade is an elegant mix of crisp florals.

How to Apply Perfumes?

There are a few important tips that you can use to ensure that your Kate Spade fragrance lasts for a long time:

  • Do Not Rub Perfume into Your Skin: Contrary to popular notion, experts recommend that you should never rub the perfume into your skin as this causes the top notes to fade.

  • Spray it Onto Your Pulse Points: This is perhaps the most important tip you can consider while applying any perfume. Ensure that you apply it on your pulse points, such as the inside of your wrists, inner elbows, and behind earlobes.

  • Moisturise First: Since perfume applied on dry skin evaporates quickly, it is generally recommended that you first add a light coat of unscented body lotion and then spritz some scent.

Buy Kate Spade Perfumes on Bash

You can now shop for your favourite Kate Spade perfumes from the comfort of your home at Bash. While at it, you can also consider browsing through our massive clothing range and accessories from your favourite global brands. Shop for these and many other products at unmatchable deals and prices by signing up to Bash right away.

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